Cloud N. Candy

Slurpity-slurp. I'm so sweet, you can't lick me! Burrrp!Cloud N. Candy

Cloud N. Candy
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Green Yoshi about to fight the evil Cloud N. Candy.

Cloud N. Candy is the first boss in the Nintendo 64 game Yoshi's Story. His attacks consist of a leap in attempt to smash Yoshi, however, he cannot hurt Yoshi, all of his attacks will push Yoshi back. He is defeated by eating him completely using Yoshi's tongue, and as he shrinks in size, he becomes more agile. Also, each lick restores some of Yoshi's health. (For the Black and White Yoshis, they get three hearts, making the boss even easier.) After multiple licks, he will be defeated.


  • His name and appearance is a pun on Cotton Candy, as well as Cloud.
  • He is one of the easiest bosses in the Yoshi series because he can't hurt Yoshi and can be used to heal him.
  • He is often called the easiest boss in video game history.
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