YS Melon

A Melon in Yoshi's Story.

Melons are fruit appearing in the Yoshi series. It is the fruit that every Yoshi loves to eat.

Yoshi's StoryEdit

They appeared first in Yoshi's Story. There are 30 of them in each level. They're worth 100 ♥. A melon also appears on the Super Happy Tree.

Yoshi Touch & GoEdit

When you eat a melon in Yoshi Touch & Go,Yoshi will gain twenty eggs.

Paper MarioEdit

PaperMario Items Melon

A Melon in Paper Mario.

In Paper Mario, the adult Yellow Yoshi in Lavalava Island trades one for a food item of Mario's that was a recipe from Tayce T. Melons restore 15 HP. They don't sell for much money.