Sea Cactus

Sea Cactus.png


Sea Cacti are enemies that appear in Yoshi's Story. If Yoshi touches one, Yoshi will take damage to his Smile Meter. They have three sizes: small, medium and large, and are usually found in groups. They can also appear next to rivers, or in ceilings. When on ceilings, they can fall on top of Yoshi, dealing damage. They are invincible.


  • Dark blue with yellow spikes
  • Blue with yellow spikes
  • Light blue with red spikes
  • Light purple with yellow spikes
  • Purple with yellow spikes
  • Magenta with lime green spikes
  • Pink with lime green spikes
  • Green with magenta spikes
  • Light green with magenta spikes
  • Lime green with magenta spikes
  • Yellow with dark blue spikes
  • Orange with light blue spikes


  • Yoshi's Story (Nintendo 64)
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