Tap-Taps are creatures which appear in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. They are small, spiky metallic creatures who wear shoes and have red noses. There are two types, gray ones and brown ones. The gray Tap-Taps walk along while the brown ones jump up and down. Tap-Taps cannot be eaten or jumped on. Tap Taps can be defeated by being pushed over a cliff or if one of them is knock backwards into the other Tap Taps, though the first Tap Tap will survive the others will be destroyed.

A boss called Tap-Tap the Red Nose appears as the second last boss, who must fall into lava to be destroyed. Another similar giant Tap-Tap was throughout one of the four doors in Bowser's Castle.

Tap Taps also appear in Yoshi Topsy-Turvy and Yoshi Touch & Go.

Enemies Tap-Tap's Sunken Cave


Baron von Zeppelins



Piranha Plants


Super Big Tap-Tap