Yoshi Wiki

Hello! I am Yoshi, a Green Dinosaur which lives on an island along with my fellow Dinosaur Brothers and sisters. Super_Mario_World_Music_-_Overworld_(Yoshi) Just to say i am a Friendly Dinosaur which likes to play and make friends. I even wear little Brown Boots.

I am a 4 year old dinosaur (In RP, real life im 14) 

My Appearance

I am a green dinosaur, with a white belly and also at the bottom of my head. I have a red shell on my back along with a few red areas sticking out the back of my head and neck, the Shell is for people who ride on me I wear little brown boots. I have quite a big....Nose


I am friendly and playful, i don't really like to fight anyone.

Often i eat stuff with my expendable tongue, but if i ate something and i don't want to keep it in my stomach, i can lay an egg with the person or object in the egg, safe and sound.

  • More Info may be soon