White Yoshi

White Yoshi
Abilities Flutter Jump, eating etc.
Species Yoshi
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Affiliation(s) Yoshi Clan
Enemies Many
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Games Yoshi's Story, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Yoshi's Island DS, Mario Power Tennis, Mario Kart 8, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Yoshi Touch and Go and Mario Tennis Open
First appearance Yoshi's Story
Latest appearance Mario Tennis Open
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White Yoshi (AKA Snow, Blank etc.) is a colored species of Yoshi. They are very fast and love every type of fruit. They are a very rare type of Yoshi and they have cyan shoes. It is rumored that the white Yoshi is the youngest of the main Yoshi's.


Yoshi's StoryEdit

White Yoshi first appears in Yoshi's Story. When being played, the White Yoshi can eat any enemy (even the black Shy Guy) that turns into a different spotted egg color when ingested.

In the game, players can use White Yoshi by finding the white Big Egg from Tall Tower and bringing it back to character select. White Yoshis are faster then the normal-colored Yoshis, its eggs have a larger explosion that shakes the screen, and have better flutter jumps. White Yoshis can outstand the heat of Peppers and will eat them. However, if the player loses a White Yoshi, a White Shy Guy can't save him, but they can get the Big Egg again. His voice is very high pitched.

Yoshi Touch & GoEdit

In Yoshi Touch & Go, after completing a 1,000 yard run when using a Black Yoshi in Marathon mode, a White Yoshi may appear randomly, which can hold an infinite number of eggs, but can only be used for one 1,000 run.

Yoshi's Island DSEdit

White Yoshis appear in Yoshi's Island DS, playable in the Extra stage of each world:

World 4: Let There Be Light!

World 5: Quit It Already, Tap-Tap!

Mario Tennis OpenEdit

White Yoshi appears in Mario Tennis Open as a QR downloadable character. His skill is Tricky, like Boo, Bowser Jr., and Baby Peach.





  • White Yoshi was supposed to appear in Super Mario Sunshine, but got kicked out along with Green Yoshi and Black Yoshi.
  • They are a rare species, because they don't appear very often in games and usually have to be unlocked. The two other Yoshi colours considered rare are Brown and Black.